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Chesapeake Accounting Co.

We are offering our clients at Chesapeake Accounting Company trust and integrity. We find individuals appreciate this, someone who understands their business, corporation or personal family financial position. Someone to help them see the big picture.

The picture includes how will their finances look day-to-day, month-to-month or year-to-year spanning over a lifetime. Will they have enough to retire? What kind of life do they want? We are all different. Our unique position needs to be talked about and understood. Let us be that link between today and tomorrows’ financial well-being.

Please contact us today to set up an in-person or zoom appointment and our complimentary financial review.

Robyn M. Urig, President and Financial Advisor

You've opened the doors for business, now what?
Chesapeake Accounting Co. can help you by providing daily, monthly, quarterly, and annual bookkeeping services. Having someone to review your bookkeeping and advising you is a huge asset. Whether you are just starting out and would like to discuss creating a budget, or you are established and would like to understand why your checking account doesn't reflect your company's profit. Please set up your personal or business tax appointment.


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2021 Tax Facts

Mileage Rates
Business - .56 /mile
Medical - .16 /mile
Charitable - .14/mile

Retirement Contributions
Maximum 401(k) $19,500 Maximum Simple IRA
Maximum Taditional & Roth IRA - $6,000

Catch-Up Contribution Limits - For individuals at least 50 years old by year end
401(k) $6,000
Simple $3,000
Individual IRA $1000


Certified QuickBooks and
Point of Sale ProAdvisor

Member of the National Association of Tax Professionals

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